There are many people who have fat accumulation on their back which is hard to get rid of. There is good news for them. Liposuction of back is the most successful and gives the best results. Liposuction of the back can lead to firmer and smoother results with a proportionate appearance.

Overview and results

A lot of people suffer from fat accumulation in the back in the form of rolls, bulges around the bra and fatty deposits. Back liposuction corrects all these faults leading to an increased confidence and better appearance. It leads to tighter skin and slimmer physique. Some people develop pockets of fat as a result of certain genes. Back is one such area and it is difficult to lose the fat accumulated at the back. Liposuction yields great results in this case leading to slimmer and tighter physique. This liposuction is useful in eliminating rolls of fat, bulges around bra and disproportionate fat in the back.


Local anesthesia is given to numb the back in the tumescent technique. It is a safe and painless procedure and the patient remains aware throughout the procedure. Small incisions are made in the back from where the cannulas are inserted by the doctor. The cannula used in this process is only three millimeter wide. A vaser ultrasonic energy is used to liquefy the fat. It leads to skin tightening. The cannula is guided by the surgeon through the tiny incisions to remove the excess fat with accuracy.

Vaser liposuction is much safer as compared to the traditional liposuction. Some of the advantages of this technique are hat it is a very safe and permanent technique to eliminate love handles and excess fat. Once they are gone, the body cannot make new ones, therefore they are gone forever. It is a very short procedure lasting for 1-2 hours and removes fat as well as tightens the area. This procedure is quite painless, minimally invasive and there is hardly any risk of scarring.

General information

Liposuction of back involves removal of back bulges and rolls permanently. It leads to smoother and firmer back. The outcome of this procedure are many such as increased confidence, contoured back, tighter skin and better physique. It sculpts and tapers the back till the waist giving a younger appearance.

The procedure should be performed at accredited clinics which are well equipped. Local anesthesia is given so patients remain awake during the surgery. It is a simple process. Patients are numbed and two tiny incisions are made through which cannulas are inserted. This procedure does not reduce weight but simply removes excess fat from the back. This surgery is meant for people who have excess fat in their backs and exercising and dieting has not helped. Back liposuction can be combined with other procedures like arm liposuction or tummy tuck.

The surgery does not lead to serious scarring as two small incisions are made. They heal after the surgery and the marks disappear. People who are below 60 with good complexion do not have sagging problem after the surgery. It is another benefit of tumescent technique. It leads to skin tightening. It leads to improvement in skin tone and firmness if the skin is healthy and not lax and aged.

There are minimal side effects of this procedure. It is very targeted and uses sophisticated instruments. The soreness caused is very mild and goes away in a day or two. No stitches are put and tiny incisions heal within a day or two. Patients undergoing this may have mild discomfort or soreness which goes away within 24-48 hours and the patients can resume their normal activities. A compression garment is to be worn around the torso for 3 days and nights and then for two weeks for eight hours a day. Some people may experience bruising or swelling port operation. Results can be seen within few weeks and the final result within six months. Swelling may take some day to subside but there is no or minimal pain.