This technique is the latest in cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat from the lower back of the nect between the shoulders. It is minimally invasive with quick recovery. Vaser liposuction is used and 2-3 small incisions are made. This condition is not serious but a result of being overweight or obese. It can also be caused from hormonal imbalance and side effects of drugs. Tumours or cysts can cause similar hump but their treatment is different. The hump can make people self conscious and diffident. In some severe cases, it can also cause discomfort.

Other details

This process is simple, quick and minimally invasive. Only 2-3 small incisions are made. The cost depends on the area to be treated and the procedure.  Before this surgery, a thorough check up is conducted to make sure the person is fit to undergo the procedure. A patient should disclose everything to the doctor like medical conditions and drugs being taken. Smoking and drinking should be stopped two weeks before the surgery. The patient should drink lots of water prior to the surgery.

A pre operative lipo body, hair and nostril chlorohexidine wash instruction should be followed. Four days before surgery chlorohexidine should be used. It should be used undiluted as liquid soap. It should be applied on wet skin and left for at least a minute. It should be applied all over the body especially on nostrils, genital, anus, underarms and feet. After this, it should be used as a shampoo.

Get someone to drive you home on the day of surgery and take care on the first day. Keep the medicines within reach and keep plenty of pillows, towels and compressions for drainage. There will be some bruising and swelling after the procedure. In case of excess pain, consult the doctor. Excess tumescent fluid will drain from the incisions in the initial days. You van shower after the first day but rest should be taken for a week. Compression garments should be worn for 6 weeks and high impact activities should be avoided for same period.

This process is permanent and in case the person gains weight, the treated areas will not be affected as the body does not regrow the cells and tissues which have been removed by this procedure. The common side effects of this procedure are bruising, swelling and soreness. Most of the fat is taken out by vaser liposuction on the day of the surgery. The fat which is not taken out is eliminated by the body itself over a course of time.

A person cannot opt for this treatment on the day of surgery. Though minimally invasive, this technique is a medical procedure. All the tests have to be carried out before this procedure. This surgery will not lead to flabby skin as the skin is elastic and it contracts back. However, the degree of contraction depends on individual’s skin. Hospitalization is not required and there is no age limit. The only age requirement is that the patient should be 18.

The procedure does not hurt as local anesthesia is administered and it takes around 3 hours. There are hardly any skin irregularities but there can be bruising and swelling. Incisions are covered by thin bandages. A pressure support garment is to be worn all day during the first week and then for 12 hours for next 4-6 weeks. A person should ideally take a week off from the work. A person can start exercising after two weeks. They can go for walks to help in drainage of excess fluid. Treated area should be protected from direct exposure to sun. No special diet is required but excess sodium should be avoided.

The treatment is permanent. However, any gain in weight can lead to expansion of other fat cells. The incisions are very small so there is very less chance of scarring. A person should not drive for at least 24 hours after surgery. A person should visit the doctor regularly for monitoring the progress.