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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a kind of surgery which is used to remove fat cells from different areas of the body by using suction tools. Liposuction is a targeted procedure so as to remove fat from selected areas of a human body and give it a sleeker contour along with a natural appearance.

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Liposuction can be very useful when performed on areas such as the abdomen, flanks, hips, thigh area, buttocks, arms, and breasts.

Fat Removal Treatments in Noida We offer a wide variety of Fat Removal Treatments

Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a surgery which is used to remove excess fat and skin and restore weakened muscles to create a smoother and firmer profile for the abdomen. A well toned and flat stomach is aspired by most of us but many of us are unable to achieve it by exercise and dieting. Read more about Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck.

Arms Liposuction

Arms Liposuction

The main aim of arms liposuction is to make women feel more confident with shapely and sculpted arms when wearing short sleeves dresses. The goal of fat removal by liposuction is to improve the appearance of the arms and maintain quality of female beauty, allow the person undergoing the treatment to feel more confident and achieve thinner and shapely arms. Read more about Arms Liposuction.

Back Liposuction

Back Liposuction

A lot of people suffer from fat accumulation in the back in the form of rolls, bulges around the bra and fatty deposits. Back liposuction corrects all these faults leading to an increased confidence and better appearance. It leads to tighter skin and slimmer physique. Read more about Back Liposuction.

Buccal Fat Reduction

Buccal Fat Reduction

Buccal fat removal surgery involves reduction of fat from the cheeks. This fat pad exists just below the cheekbones and consists of tissues and lobules of fat. This treatment is suited for both men and women who suffer from over sized jowl. The face looks thinner and slimmer as a result of this surgery. Read more about Buccal Fat Reduction.

Buttocks Liposuction

Buttocks Liposuction

Many people desire to have rounded, fit and toned buttocks. A comprehensive approach is used to carry on this liposuction procedure to give patients a perfect shape and proportion. There are very few patients who actually undergo direct butt liposuction. Read more about Buttocks Liposuction.

Thighs Liposuction

Thighs Liposuction

A procedure which is known as Vaser Liposuction removes fat and does body contouring. It is used to treat Thighs, upper legs and gives an ultimate control over them. It works 360 degrees around the legs and targets knees, thighs and buttock crease by using vaser lipo which does body contouring by minimal invasion. Read more about Thighs Liposuction.

Chin Liposuction

Chin Liposuction

Vaser liposuction is used to get rid of double chin and the cost depends on the clinic where the procedure is performed as well as the location. Chin liposuction is performed along with other procedures such as face lift and Fillers injections. Read more about Chin Liposuction.

Love handle Liposuction

Love handle Liposuction

A lot of people are uncomfortable with their love handles and become self conscious when they go out. They can find out if liposuction is the answer for them. Liposuction has gained a lot of popularity in removing love handles as they cannot be removed using other methods. Read more about Love handle Liposuction.

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Liposuction Cost Know the Cost of Your Liposuction Surgery, Deals & Offers in Noida

Body AreaApproximate Lower End of Range of Lipo Surgical Cost (INR)Approximate Upper End Range of Lipo Surgical Cost (INR)
Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck5500070000
Arms Liposuction3000050000
Back Liposuction4500070000
Buccal Fat Reduction2000025000
Buttocks Liposuction4500070000
Thighs Liposuction5500070000
Chin Liposuction2000025000
Love handle Liposuction5500070000

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Liposuction surgery in Noida

A surgical procedure to remove fat from specific body areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck using a suction technique is called liposuction. These areas get contoured through liposuction too. Lipoplasty and body contouring are some of the other names for liposuction. Liposuction isn’t quintessentially considered an overall weight-loss alternative or a weight-loss method. If you’re overweight, you will not be able to lose more weight from your body through liposuction than you will be through diet and exercise or bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass surgery. A candidate with stable body weight but having too much fat in a specific spot makes you eligible for liposuction. We have some of the best doctors for liposuction in Noida. Several clinics at Sector 62, Sector 104, Sector 49, Sector 33 and more are there for liposuction in Noida.


Cost of liposuction in Noida

Depending on the number of areas treated by liposuction, its cost gets calculated by the surgeons. The cost of liposuction surgery on multiple areas is more than the cost of it on one area. You can connect with us for more detailed information regarding the cost.


The targeted body parts for liposuction surgery:

For liposuction treatment here is a list of some commonly targeted body parts:

  • Upper arms
  • Thighs, both of the inner and outer
  • Neckline and the area under the chin
  • Hips
  • Inner knees
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Chest


During the procedure

Only local or regional anaesthesia may be required in some of the liposuction procedures. It is anaesthesia limited to a specific area of your body. Inducing a temporary state of unconsciousness through general anaesthesia may be required by other procedures. To help you remain calm and relaxed you may be given a sedative, typically through an IV injection. Throughout the procedure, your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen level will get monitored by the surgical team. Tell your surgeon If you still feel pain during the procedure after taking local anaesthesia. Adjustment may be needed in your medication or motions. Depending on the extent of fat removal the procedure may last up to several hours. You’ll wake in a recovery room after having general anaesthesia. To monitor your recovery through medical personnel you’ll have to typically spend at least a few hours in the hospital or clinic. To make sure that you’re not dehydrated or in shock from fluid loss, you may have to stay overnight if you’re in a hospital.


After the procedure

After the procedure it is expected that you might feel some pain, swelling and bruising. To reduce the risk of infection and to help control the pain you may be prescribed some medication and antibiotics by your surgeon. To promote fluid drainage the incisions will remain open and temporary drains will be placed in them by the surgeon after the procedure. For a few weeks to reduce swelling you will usually need to wear tight compression garments. Before resuming your normal activities a few weeks are needed by you as well as before returning to work a few days are needed for recovery. During this time, as the remaining fat settles into position it is expected for some contour irregularities to occur.

Surgical results vary greatly from patient to patient and are not guaranteed. The information on this site is intended for general purposes only and is not intended to nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice relative to specific medical conditions or questions. The before & after photos on this website are of models & are not intended to represent the results that every patient can expect. Diet and exercise play an important part in the health and well being of a patient and in the maintenance of their body shape. The information provided on and through this website is not medical advice. It is informational only.

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Liposuction: everything you need to know about surgery and recovery

Liposuction surgery consists of aspiration of fat through cannulas. It can be done in different parts of the body, as long as there is localized fat. Surgery can be classified as small, medium or large, varying according to the amount of fat removed and body parts addressed. Generally, a maximum of 5% of body weight is removed.

How is liposuction done?

First, Klein's solution - composed of saline and adrenaline - is infiltrated to reduce the chances of bleeding and, consequently, of surgical trauma. The cannulas are introduced through the skin and reach the adipose tissue (layer that comes right after the skin), from where they suck - through a vacuum system - the localized fat. The points where the cannulas are inserted vary according to the patient's anatomy and the technique used by the surgeon.

The liposuction can be done under general anesthesia, epidural or local depending on the number of regions covered. If anesthesia is general, there is a need for orotracheal intubation and the use of devices that help breathing. In general, liposuction scars measure about half a centimeter, but can be almost imperceptible over time, and do not cause discomfort.

Who is the professional able to perform the surgery?

It is best to have liposuction performed with a plastic surgeon, a professional trained to perform this procedure.

Indication for liposuction

"The candidates for this plastic surgery are patients with localized fat and who hardly respond with exercises, diets or exercises", explains plastic surgeon. Liposuction is not considered a treatment for obesity, nor for weight loss. Its goal is body shaping and not weight loss.

Plastic recalls that liposuction is not a simple procedure. "Lately we see a trivialization of liposuction, however, it is a surgery like any other, which involves specific risks and care", he explains.

Body parts that can be liposuctioned

Liposuction can be done anywhere on the body where there is localized fat . Abdomen, dorsal region, thighs, lateral of the breasts, arms, subment (jowl) are regions commonly submitted to this surgery.

It is possible to perform lipo in various parts of the body during the same surgery, however, plastic surgeon warns of the importance of the time of surgery not being too long. "It is also necessary to assess the presence of associated diseases and the patient's age in order to define the surgery time limit."

If your option is to treat different regions in different surgeries, there is no need for a minimum time interval between one liposuction and another.

Types of lipo

Common liposuction: done with a cannula that sucks the fat from the selected region, local anesthesia is performed with sedation.

Liposculpture: in liposculpture, in addition to removing fat, it can be treated and placed in other regions of the body, totally changing the body contour.

Vibrolipo: in this type of lipo, the cannula is introduced, but a vibration is performed to exit the fat. As a small change, the risks and recovery are similar.

Hydrolipo or tumescent liposuction: she uses an anesthetic solution (called tumescent) to reduce pain at the site. It is also made in smaller regions, being considered a mini-lipo.

Laser liposuction: in addition to the common cannula, an optical fiber is introduced that breaks the fat cell membrane, making it absorbed faster. Learn more about laser liposuction .

Mini-lipo: it is exactly like the common liposuction, but it is done in a smaller area, being faster and taking only local or epidural anesthesia.

Surgery time

"The duration of liposuction depends a lot on the extent and area to be aspirated, but, on average, the procedure takes 3 to 4 hours", explains plastic surgeon.


The patient must fast for eight hours prior to surgery.

Blood and cardiac exams and chest X-rays are essential before liposuction. The surgeon can also order ultrasound of the region to be operated and doppler (an examination that allows the visualization of blood vessels) of the legs to check for thrombi in the bloodstream.

Associated aesthetic surgeries

Other cosmetic surgeries, such as breast augmentation, performed with silicone breast implants, and even facial surgeries can be performed at the same operative moment as liposuction. "However, the current recommendation is that the surgery time is not too long, which can expose the patient's health more", explains plastic surgeon.


People who have many diseases - such as hypertension , diabetes and obesity - are at increased surgical risk. Therefore, they should talk to their doctor about the real need for cosmetic surgery.

Length of hospital stay

A large liposuction requires a minimum of 24 hours of hospitalization, but if the surgery is minor it is possible to leave even on the same day.

Recovery after liposuction

Recovery from this surgery is quick, as there are few or no surgical stitches. A week later it is already possible to return to work, as long as it does not require much physical effort and about a month later the routine returns to normal. Analgesic medication, which must be prescribed by the doctor, and antibiotics, may be needed to prevent infections.

The use of a shaping brace is essential after liposuction. "It compresses the liposuctioned regions, helping in the modeling of the area, and helps to reduce the common swelling after the surgery", explains Plastic Surgeon. This garment must be worn all day and removed only for the bath.

The return to physical activity can be done 20 to 30 days after surgery, but in a light way, and with progressive evolution until it returns to the previous exercise level.

Until the first month the patient will be very swollen, so the weight will remain the same. But over time the edema decreases. Six months is the time needed to see the final result. The place where the liposuction was performed will hardly have a fat deposit again. This is because the number of fat cells only increases until adolescence. In adulthood they have only expanded in size. Thus, the liposuction area will have fewer fat cells, so it will not get fatter before.

Results of liposuction

According to plastic surgeon, the dorsal region, just above the buttocks, is the area with the most satisfactory results in relation to liposuction. "In this case, it is possible to remove the fat from the flanks and graft it into the glutes".

Risks of liposuction

In liposuction surgery there are complications common to any surgery, such as bleeding, infection, venous thrombosis, pulmonary thromboembolism and death. The specific risks are: depression in the region, changes in the skin - such as flaccidity and roughness -, changes in color and even skin necrosis, in addition, of course, dissatisfaction with the results. See, too, promises that liposuction cannot keep .

Liposuction price

Liposuction prices vary widely depending on the region of India, the type of liposuction and the surgeon. In addition, the values ​​are updated every year.


Is it necessary to spend the first night in the hospital?

Regardless of whether it is performed under local or general anesthesia, it is usually not necessary to spend the first night in the hospital. With the exception of specific cases in which there are large areas of lipodystrophy (accumulation of fat) that require the extraction of a greater volume in which overnight admission is recommended.

Is a bandage necessary after the intervention?

Just at the end of the intervention we place a compression girdle or stocking that we must wear during the first postoperative month. We will only remove it to wash it and during the shower. It aims to adapt the skin in the liposuction areas for a correct remodeling of the body silhouette.

When can I start sports again?

We recommend walking from the first day of liposuction but we should avoid doing intense exercise during the first month.

Is a special diet necessary?

During the first months it is important to take care of yourself. Especially during the first month because we will exercise less. Afterwards, although a special diet is not needed, what we would call a “normal diet” is recommended, which is what we should all eat to keep our weight stable, this means that the result of liposuction is maintained in the long term.

From when could you sunbathe again?

It is necessary to avoid the minimum sun during the first month in the liposuctioned areas but in the small scars it is necessary to wait at least until the third month. While it is necessary to use extreme sunscreen or better to cover small scars.

Is the problem always solved in one session?

No. It depends on each case. It is probable that if the zones are very extensive, it will be programmed in two stages. The management of fluids that are infiltrated and extracted with liposuction must be rigorous and must not exceed a limit in order to avoid complications, which is why not all cases can be performed in a single time. If, for whatever reason, a touch-up is required, the ideal is to wait a year.


Can I have liposuction if I have a lot of flaccidity?

In these cases I always recommend laser liposuction and each case must be assessed in isolation. If the flaccidity is great, it will be necessary to combine a procedure to remove excess skin.

Is it better to wait to have children before having surgery?

No. In general we can expect a better response the less sagging we have and pregnancies tend to worsen the quality of the skin. If we perform liposuction before pregnancy, it is also expected that the deterioration is less.

What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?

They are two ways of saying the same thing. Liposuctionis spoken of as the art of sculpting the figure using liposuction techniques.

How many kilos am I going to lose weight after liposuction?

Although there is a certain weight loss after liposuction, it is never a goal to achieve. If what you want is to lose weight you must go on a diet.

 Are scars left after liposuction?

Whenever incisions are made in the skin, scars will remain, although these are small and generally difficult to appreciate. In any case we always try to make the incisions in strategically hidden areas.

Will I have pain in the postoperative period of a Liposuction?

There is always an aggression that will occur with more or less inflammation and more or less pain, but these discomfort are usually well controlled by the usual analgesics.

What type of anesthesia will be used?

Depending on the case, we can perform local, local anesthesia + sedation, epidural or general anesthesia according to the areas treated and the patient's preferences.

How long does a Liposuction procedure last?

Depending on the areas to be treated, the procedure can last between 1 and 4 hours.

What is the period of admission after a Liposuction?

It is usually ambulatory, but there are cases that may require 1 day of admission.

When are stitches removed after liposuction?

Usually on the seventh day.

Is any additional treatment necessary after liposuction?

From the third post-operative day it may be advisable to perform lymphatic drainage. This type of massage helps to reduce inflammation, as well as to eliminate possible irregularities produced by the healing process.

Is liposuction a technique that is performed regularly or has it already been replaced by less aggressive procedures?

Liposuction continues to be one of the most requested cosmetic surgery surgical procedures and there is still no technique that has been able to replace the results obtained by this technique.