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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a kind of surgery which is used to remove fat cells from different areas of the body by using suction tools. Liposuction is a targeted procedure so as to remove fat from selected areas of a human body and give it a sleeker contour along with a natural appearance.

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Liposuction can be very useful when performed on areas such as the abdomen, flanks, hips, thigh area, BBL, arms, and breasts.

Fat Removal Treatments in Raipur We offer a wide variety of Fat Removal Treatments

Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a surgery which is used to remove excess fat and skin and restore weakened muscles to create a smoother and firmer profile for the abdomen. A well toned and flat stomach is aspired by most of us but many of us are unable to achieve it by exercise and dieting. Read more about Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck.

Arms Liposuction

Arms Liposuction

The main aim of arms liposuction is to make women feel more confident with shapely and sculpted arms when wearing short sleeves dresses. The goal of fat removal by liposuction is to improve the appearance of the arms and maintain quality of female beauty, allow the person undergoing the treatment to feel more confident and achieve thinner and shapely arms. Read more about Arms Liposuction.

Back Liposuction

Back Liposuction

A lot of people suffer from fat accumulation in the back in the form of rolls, bulges around the bra and fatty deposits. Back liposuction corrects all these faults leading to an increased confidence and better appearance. It leads to tighter skin and slimmer physique. Read more about Back Liposuction.

Buccal Fat Reduction

Buccal Fat Reduction

Buccal fat removal surgery involves reduction of fat from the cheeks. This fat pad exists just below the cheekbones and consists of tissues and lobules of fat. This treatment is suited for both men and women who suffer from over sized jowl. The face looks thinner and slimmer as a result of this surgery. Read more about Buccal Fat Reduction.

BBL Liposuction

BBL Liposuction

Many people desire to have rounded, fit and toned but. A comprehensive approach is used to carry on this liposuction procedure to give patients a perfect shape and proportion. There are very few patients who actually undergo direct but liposuction.

Thighs Liposuction

Thighs Liposuction

A procedure which is known as Vaser Liposuction removes fat and does body contouring. It is used to treat Thighs, upper legs and gives an ultimate control over them. It works 360 degrees around the legs and targets knees, thighs and buttock crease by using vaser lipo which does body contouring by minimal invasion. Read more about Thighs Liposuction.

Chin Liposuction

Chin Liposuction

Vaser liposuction is used to get rid of double chin and the cost depends on the clinic where the procedure is performed as well as the location. Chin liposuction is performed along with other procedures such as face lift and fillers injections. Read more about Chin Liposuction.

Love handle Liposuction

Love handle Liposuction

A lot of people are uncomfortable with their love handles and become self conscious when they go out. They can find out if liposuction is the answer for them. Liposuction has gained a lot of popularity in removing love handles as they cannot be removed using other methods. Read more about Love handle Liposuction.

Liposuction Surgery on Monthly Installments in Raipur

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Liposuction Surgery with Easy Monthly Installments

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Eligible Candidate For Liposuction

People are ideal for liposuction who:

  • Have Good Health,
  • Is Within 34 Kgs (25 Pounds ) Of His Or Her Ideal Body Weight,
  • Has Localized Deposition Of Fat In 1 Or 2 Body Areas
  • Has Deposit Of Fat That Have Not Responded To Diet Or Exercise, Over The Age Of 18,
  • Who Meet The Necessary Health Qualifications.

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What is Liposuction?

The liposuction or liposuction is a type of body contouring surgery intended to correct areas of the body where localized fat persists, usually refractory to dietary regimens.

Using this technique, fat can be aspirated from different parts of the body: hips, thighs, knees, ankles, arms, abdomen, face, etc. Liposuction is usually performed under general or epidural anesthesia plus sedation.

This surgical procedure can be combined in the same intervention with a buttock augmentation , which consists of improving the size and shape of the BBL through implants or fat transfer (lipofilling).

First consultationthe first consultation

In the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will evaluate your health, determine the extent of the accumulation of fat in the region of the abdomen and evaluate the tone of the skin. You must state your expectations sincerely and frankly, so that the plastic surgeon can show you the available alternatives and determine with you what is the optimal procedure to achieve the most appropriate body silhouette.

The intervention

These surgeries are performed in an operating room within our hospital. Admission for one or two days is usually required under medical prescription.

A liposuction usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours, but the time varies (from one to several hours) depending on the area and the amount to be extracted. Initially, a small incision is made, enough to be able to insert a small liposuction cannula . The other end of this cannula is attached to a machine that produces vacuum or a special syringe. The surgeon moves the cannula between the fatty deposits located under the skin, dissolving the fat and sucking it out. Sometimes it is necessary to make additional incisions in inconspicuous areas to remove all fat deposits.


If the procedure is not going to be very extensive, that is, if the amount of fat to be removed depending on your health, body size and type of surgery is not very high, you can be given local anesthesia plus sedation, although the most commonly used is epidural anesthesia. If your plastic surgeon plans to liposuction large areas or treat several different areas, general anesthesia is preferred.

Interventions that combine breast augmentation and body contouring surgery are performed under general anesthesia, with the patient remaining asleep during the operation. Its duration can reach up to 4 hours.

After surgery

After surgery, a compression girdle or stockings will be placed over the treated area to control swelling and bleeding and to help the skin adapt to the new contour. This girdle will be worn for about a month, after this time it will only be worn for the day for a few more weeks, depending on the instructions of the plastic surgeon.

Recovery is a gradual process. After the surgery you will feel heavier due to the excess fluids that are administered and the liposuctioned areas will be swollen and bruised. In addition, you may have a sensation of laces that are related to the volume of fat extracted, the more volume the sensation of laces will be greater. These discomforts will be alleviated with the medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon.

It is a type of surgery in which it is important to try to start being active as soon as possible, since the greater the activity the faster the recovery time.

The stitches will be removed, or will fall off on their own, between 5 and 10 days after the intervention. Typically, you can go back to work in 1 week. The swelling and bruising will disappear in the first month or two after liposuction; however, minimal swelling can be maintained for a longer time.

Recovery is gradual. Although the results are immediate, it will not be possible to clearly see the final shape of the body contour until a time later.

Information based on the website of the SECPRE (Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)

Frequent questions

How can I know if liposuction is advisable for me?

Liposuctionis advisable for anyone with a relatively normal weight, but who has localized fat in different areas. The most important thing to obtain an optimal final contour is to have firm and elastic skin.

Can I have liposuction just to lose weight?

Liposuction is not a method to treat overweight or obesity, but a method to remove localized fat that does not respond to diet or exercise, but can be the excuse to start maintaining a healthy and healthy life.

In which cases is liposuction not recommended?

If you have poor circulation in that area, or if you have heart or respiratory problems.

Where will liposuction be performed?

In an operating room, inside our hospitals. It should never be performed in consultations or rooms since they do not have the aseptic conditions and equipment required to perform the intervention safely.

It  is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures today given its excellent results, but what is behind the myths and truths of this alternative?

Who has not happened that despite losing weight, can not eliminate that annoying roll in the waist or back? Or that it reduces from all over, but the upper thigh is still shaped like riding pants? Well, in these and many other cases, liposuction is the surgical alternative that has more and more followers.

However, and although the centers that offer procedures of this type are also on the rise, it must always be considered that it is surgery and, as such, it must be performed by professional doctors, with the highest standards of safety and quality.

The best candidates are people of relatively normal weight

True: Liposuction is NOT surgery to lose weight , but to remove fat deposits that do not respond to diet or exercise. In fact, the only weight loss that is achieved is that of the fat that is eliminated (which can reach a maximum of 7% of body weight) and its effects are observed in the reduction of volume to certain localized areas.

The quality of the skin can influence the final results

True: The best results are seen in firmer and more elastic skin , without stretch marks (usually a darker complexion), since they retract better once the excess fat has been removed.

Results are immediately visible

False: You should not expect to see a definitive result after the operation. Even during the first days, a slight weight gain may be evident, due to the fluids and serums that are routinely administered. And despite the fact that in the first months the changes can already be observed, after three months the definitive results can be seen.

Liposuction is simple and risk-free

False: Like any other surgery, liposuction always involves some degree of risk . In the particular case of this procedure, the main danger is thromboembolism (clots in the veins that can dislodge and travel to the lungs). At our clinic, this risk is minimized from the moment the patient enters the clinic, either with the administration of anticoagulants or with the use of elastic and pneumatic stockings in the extremities.


After a while, the fat accumulates again in the areas where it was removed


False: If after the operation the person does not eat a healthy diet and does not practice physical activity on a regular basis, they can naturally gain weight. But that lift will always be proportional to the contour of your body that was defined with liposuction; This means that in the areas where the fat was removed, it does not accumulate again.

Liposuction does not require general anesthesia

False: Although different anesthesia techniques can be used, the usual is general anesthesia, which at Clínica Las Condes is administered with the highest quality standards. Many aesthetic centers offer this type of procedure with local anesthesia (there is a false perception that it is safer), and that due to the type of surgery it requires to be used in high doses, with the consequent risk of poisoning due to overdose and serious consequences such as seizures, cardiac arrest and even death.

The face can also be liposuctioned

True: It is a very useful procedure in people who have a double chin, for example, and a skin quality that will later retract well. Excellent results can be achieved, always taking care not to damage a nerve branch of the facial structure.

Skinny and fat people can have liposuction

False: Anyone - men and women - can undergo a surgery of this type if they require it, and although slightly overweight patients may also benefit, it is not indicated in the morbidly obese or overweight of more than 25 kilos.

Liposuctionis synonymous with liposuction

True: Although Liposuctionor fat transfer is exclusively related to the lipoinjection of fat that has been removed in areas of the body where there is a volume deficit (such as the BBL, for example), today it is almost as a general rule that in a person who undergoes liposuction takes advantage of the excess fat to improve the appearance of other areas of the body and achieve increasingly harmonious results.

 Results never last forever

False: The aesthetic results of liposuction last forever if the person maintains their normal weight, following a good diet and playing sports on a regular basis.

Lipolaser is more effective than liposuction

False: The laserlipolysis to the same as conventional liposuction uses a cannula, although this time with laser light, which will liquefying the fat; After this, liposuction can be used to remove fat or allow the body to absorb it. It is used in very specific cases, because it allows to extract small amounts of fat per session and does not present greater benefits than the traditional procedure, although it does have greater risks (burning adjacent tissues, for example).


Weight fluctuations and pregnancy often brings laziness, which makes us gain pounds in seconds. The most targeted areas by fat are BBL, thighs, abdomen and back, even exercise and diet stops making any effect on the body. This stubbornness of fat leads to bilges and disfigured body leading to depression and frustration.

Improvements in technology and techniques now enable surgeons to remove excess fat through liposuction.

Key Facts

  • Anesthesia: General or sedation anesthesia (depends on the site to be treated)
  • Length of procedure: minimum 45 minutes to several hours, depending on the area to be treated and also the volume of fat to be removed.
  • Length of stay: Usually home the same day
  • Discomfort: Varies mild to moderate controlled with prescription pain medications
  • Anticipate: Swelling up to 4 months bruising up to 2 weeks
  • Final results: 4 to 6 months
  • Duration of results: Should be lasting with weight maintenance and healthy lifestyle


The removal of unwanted body fat by suction technique, is a surgical procedure offering a contoured body with minimal scarring. It is the most common cosmetic procedure in the world, although it’s not a weight loss programme. It only treats areas with stubborn fat accumulation where diet and exercise resist to work.

The most common areas of the body where liposuction is performed are on the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, neck, back and flanks, these are the most responding areas to liposuction. This procedure removes the superficial rather than deep layer of fat.

The fat cells along with fat volume are reduced by Liposuction and the changes made are long lasting if weight remains stable.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after Liposuction is very important along with diet control, and exercising. The removed fat never comes back, if you maintain a stable weight. The only problem arises when you lose control on your weight and diet, as fat can be redistributed to other areas of the body, if you gain weight post surgery.

The elasticity of skin plays a major role in results, as the more the skin is elastic it will mould itself with the new contoured body shape. While if you have saggy skin results might not look what you predicted. In case of loose skin, removal of excessive skin is also performed to give you a perfect look.

For people with over-weight issues it might work as a first step towards fitness and provide the required motivation. To get Liposuction done try to stabilise your weight for at least 6 months prior to the procedure. The only reason for maintain stable weight is you might develop fat deposits in untreated areas of the body.

The most effective areas to be treated with Liposuction of the body are the abdomen, hips, chest, flanks, thighs, neck, upper arms and knees. You can easily make out if Liposuction will provide you with the desired body contour, sand in front of a full length mirror and notice the contours of the body’s silhouette. If there is bulging outwards of the hips and thighs, then it might be beneficial. Rest you can discuss with Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S., MC.H.) during your consultation for the best suited technique and least scarring with predictable results.


Liposuction can also be combined with other surgical treatments to improve body contour. Procedures like – abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, arms lift, thigh lift, etc. You don’t lose proper weight after Liposuction but there is a visible difference you’ll find i your clothing fitting and inch-lose.

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