Before liposuction was developed or became common, if a person developed love handles, they were stuck with it for life. Another term for love handles is flanks. It is a very common problem for both men and women everywhere. The problem with these flanks is that no amount of working out or dieting is effective in getting rid of them. A person can diet or exercise and lose weight from other areas but getting rid of love handles is impossible. Spot reduction is not possible but liposuction has changed all that.

Liposuction has gained a lot of popularity in removing love handles as they cannot be removed using other methods. The area below ribs and upto hips is a very important area in a person’s figure. If a person is trying to achieve a curvy or straight body, love handles come in the way. It restricts a person from wearing a large no of garments especially the ones which are fitted at waist or hips.

Causes of Love Handle

Storage of fat in flanks is due to various reasons such as pregnancy, aging, genetic predisposition or hormonal imbalance. Since it is impossible for a person to change any of these conditions, liposuction has come as a savior. It is used to remove love handles which are otherwise impossible to remove and the fat in these areas would never come back after the procedure. Liposuction removes fat. It can help a person in getting rid of love handles but removal of love handles will not result in weight loss. If a person gains weight, love handles may not reappear but other areas of body will become large.

Safety of Liposuction for Love Handle

Liposuction is a pretty safe option for fat removal and a lot of people have come out with great results. Some things should be taken care of which are: get it done from a certified surgeon, ensure that the facility as well as the surgeon is accredited, always choose a surgeon with vast experience in performing the procedure as it is important for good results and quick recovery, always interview the surgeon who is going to carry on the procedure and ensure that he/she is interested in your overall health, safety and results of the procedure, follow all the instructions of the surgeon and do as they say as it is important for healing, avoid smoking and exercising, look out for any signs of infection such as fever, always call the surgeon’s office in case of a query or any symptom which arises and is causing discomfort and always call the surgeon for follow ups or any queries which arise in your mind.

Results of Liposuction for Love Handle

An ideal candidate for this kind of procedure is any healthy man or woman with love handles and skin elasticity. Liposuction for love handles will not give a perfect or slimmer figure. Liposuction cannot remove love handles in every case. Sometimes other procedures may be required. It will not lead to a change in other’s attitude towards you and won’t prevent you from gaining weight. It will lead to removal of love handles but an increase in weight will lead to enlargement of other body parts. It may not be fit for people with some medical conditions such as circulation or clotting issues and heart problem.


Liposuction can result in swelling, bruising or loss of sensation areas of love handles. These effects will completely go or subside in the following weeks post surgery. Bruising will start to subside after three weeks and swelling will take around three months. Soreness will continue for 1-2 weeks with minor soreness continuing for up to a month. Pain medication may be required in the first week. People can get back to work within one week. Exercising is prohibited during recovery but mild movements are suggested as they increase circulation. Recovery time varies from person to person depending on amount of fat removed and other aspects.

A lot of people are uncomfortable with their love handles and become self conscious when they go out. They can find out if liposuction is the answer for them by visiting an accredited surgeon. Liposuction is not suitable for everyone. It can be found out only by proper consultation.